The Argyle Street Grill-Caledonia

When someone walks into your business, you had better treat them like family, and in some cases, better than family. People work hard for their money and when they choose your business, they are telling you that your reputation has reached them and depending on the business, a certain standard has been met…and must continually be met.

DO NOT judge someone by appearance (maybe its a day off so the CEO is wearing sweat pants), or by what your impression of them is (maybe you are about to service someone who knows your business because they are in your business) or even judge someone by their mood (maybe your smile is just what they need).
I say all of this because I am a chef. When I dine out, I already know what is expected and how the customer is to be treated. When I am judged for whatever reason remember, I TIP BASED NOT ONLY ON THE FOOD, BUT THE SERVICE!

We have eaten here before and on numerous occasions.   The very first time we ate here, we gave this restaurant a 5/5.  Everything was amazing right from the hostess to the server, the food and the atmosphere.  In the recent past, we have noticed that service has been slipping., which may explain the new faces each time we have come in. My original review of this restaurant, after it opened was praising the food, the service and the atmosphere. Not anymore.

This evening I left 0% tip for one of the most ignorant servers I have ever had the displeasure of serving my family. When we were seated, our server introduced himself and took our drink order. He seemed quite put off because my wife ordered water and I ordered coffee. I am driving and my wife is in the middle of finishing her book. Alcohol was not an option for either of us, especially since we had the twins with us. My coffee was never refilled. My wife nor the babies were ever offered any type of refill during this visit. I only had the original one. My wife asked for ketchup, but the server made reference to the “sauce” he had dropped off at the table. My wife isn’t of poor eye sight so she knew the sauce was there, she just didn’t want it. Her Reuben was nothing special. My Philly cheese steak panini was wayyyyyyyyyyyy too salty (and I love salt). The salad had way too many pecans in it and when I asked for dressing, I was told they only had balsamic. Then he mentioned they also have ranch and blue cheese. Really? This is how you convince your customer that they should tip you well…NOT! As we were beginning to eat our entrees, the table next to us was sat down and he began to tell them of the evenings’ specials. Okay, I get it, there is a specials board outside. We never looked at it. The table next to us would have been in the same predicament. They were a younger couple with a newborn baby. How is it that the server didn’t think we might like to hear the specials? I guess he forgot that you should never assume you can judge who is sitting in front of you. It took forever to clear the table and when he did check on us after our first bites, it was more of a drive by. He only had 3 other tables…1 single lady, 2 elderly ladies already eating, us and the table with the young couple and the baby. He did make us feel like we didn’t matter and that we were almost an imposition upon him. I am sure his tip, or lack thereof, will remind him that you should treat everyone with the same respect.

I didn’t mention the many imperfections of his service to him, nor the manager on duty but as I walked past him, he knew what the tip was and I am sure he knew better than to say anything.

He did not know, nor did I tell him I am a chef. That is irrelevant. Everyone should be treated the same. Done.

2/5 stars

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