Bob’s Clam Hut-Kittery, Maine

My wife stopped in Kitterey, Maine to check out Bob’s Clam Hut. Since we both love seafood, we thought this might be a good way to experience Maine on a Saturday. As we pulled up to the hut, we noticed how packed the place was, and parking was hard to get because it was so busy. I mentioned to my wife that we could go elsewhere to eat but she convinced me to just wait it out. WHAT A SMART MOVE!

We got a parking spot quickly and my wife scoped out seating inside as it was sweltering outside. We ordered our food and were told that our number would be called when the food was ready. We sat. Remember, I said the place was PACKED. In less than 10 minutes, our food was ready and we picked up our food. I had the seafood platter and let me tell you…the scallops melted in my mouth, the clams had amazing flavour, and the haddock was flaky and tender. The serving staff were always around cleaning up and checking to see if we needed anything. Very friendly people for sure. They even took our tray and cleaned up for us…with a smile on their faces.

If you are anywhere near Kitterey, you just have to take this stop and try the food and atmosphere…it is AMAZING!

5/5 stars

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