Lone Star Texas Grill-Ancaster

Took the family out to see a movie this afternoon. Then took the family to dinner. That was fun (can you smell the sarcasm?).

I order the tortilla soup. Greasy and mostly stock. 3 tiny a pieces of chicken and real soggy tortilla chips. Not to mention it took some time to receive it. Med rare steak was good. Baked potato I am sure was cooked 6 hrs prior and looked like it. The onion ring batter was still raw. My wife ordered the Chimichanga but received the enchiladas. Server admitted to writing down the order wrong. The kids menu is good, but over-priced in my mind. After dinner I ordered a coffee and wondered where it had gotten to. Did Juan Valdez have to pick the beans? It wasn’t that busy in there for an early Saturday evening.

When will servers realize that their tip is affected by the service they provide? Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only table that had issues. Next to us, the lady had ordered the Caesar Salad and it was bone dry. When she complained, the manager did come to the table but it seemed more like he was trying to get her to accept the salad instead of making it right. We spoke after the manager left their table and as with us, they were surprised by the manager’s position, and the direction the food had taken from previous visits.

Management contacted me through e-mail and wanted to rectify this situation.  When I replied with my phone number, I never heard from them.  To this day, nothing from Lone Star.  Pathetic since they made the attempt to try to fix this hot mess.

1/5 stars (was 2 stars but since they couldn’t bother to call me, I dropped a star)

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