Morimoto Waikiki-Oahu

I was in O’ahu, Hawaii for a conference. I am a foodie and had to try Morimoto Waikiki while I was here.

First and foremost, the staff, both hostess and servers alike were so friendly and accommodating. I had booked for 3 but I ended up dining alone.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is pleasant and very upscale..without the snootiness. I was early for my reservation and was politely shown to the bar. The hostess, servers and the bartender were always smiling. The bartender offered me many choices, including Morimoto’s own selection of beer (he wasn’t pushy nor did he “sell” the beer).The gentleman next to me was intrigued by a bottle of scotch on the shelf, and I was happy to hear that the bartender had so much knowledge of the spirits. It was a special scotch that even I hadn’t heard of before.The bartender continued to explain where and how the scotch was made. I was impressed.

I was constantly checked on by the hostess and the bartender. I was shown to my table on the lanai and the view of the yacht club is amazing. Adam was my server and he and his team took very good care of me. They could have snubbed me because I was dining by myself, but they treated me as they did every other customer there. Morimoto should be very proud of this staff!

I never felt rushed, and Adam even told me when I asked for the bill (it wasn’t placed in front of me like some do when they want you to leave), to take my time and enjoy the view.

Even after I paid the bill, they came over and just talked with me. It was nice to feel like I mattered in a restaurant. Thank you, Adam and the whole team at Morimoto Waikiki!

5/5 stars

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