Olive Garden-Amherst, New York

My family and I stopped here for lunch and Lucy, our server took very good care of us.  I haven’t been to an Olive Garden in a very long time, and I know why I miss it…the food. Love the menu selections, but I have to gear my review towards our server, Lucy.  From the start, she did her speech to us but it never felt pressured.  Her demeanour towards us was comforting and relaxed, and it made our meal so much nicer.  She checked on us periodically, always making sure to call us by our names.  Her small talk was never over bearing, nor long winded.  She always came to our table smiling and making suggestions to assist us with our meal.  And, she did this to all of her other tables as well!  There is no way I could go without leaving a nice tip, which I did.  She more than earned it!

If you stop by, ask for Lucy, she will take very good care of you…oh yeah, the food is delicious as well!

5/5 stars

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