Spring Rolls-Hamilton

My wife and I were here recently as friends of ours had invited us out for dinner. I had no clue this restaurant was here, nor did I know it was a chain, until now. I have read the previous reviews and I can say that we did not experience any of their misfortunes. Our food was hot, there were no health violations that we could see, the service was impeccable, the prices were great and the food was fabulous. Sorry to those that had a horrible experience…our’s was just the opposite!

We were seated quite quickly by the hostess (whom was smiling and very friendly). When browsing the menu (which we found out had just recently been revamped), my wife and I chose the Price fixed Dinner Menu.

Christine was our server (and Jay, whom she was training) was pleasant in taking our order, making suggestions for one of our guests who was indecisive. I ordered the Hot & Sour soup for appetizer, the Mango Tango Shrimp with Pad Thai for my main, and the Deep Fried Ice Cream for dessert. As well, I ordered the salt & Pepper Calamari as an appetizer that all four of us would share. I was impressed by the prices of the menu items, the photos clearly showing the items, and the descriptions were spot on.

When our calamari arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the presentation. The Calamari was so tender and so flavourful, we couldn’t get enough. My soup was so tasty and was a great portion. Not too hot (spicy) but so much flavour I couldn’t stop eating it. Then my Pad Thai came out with the mango tango shrimp. The plating was great…pad thai on one side of the plate, and the shrimp with onions, peppers and mango in a bowl on the other side. I had taken a picture of this delightful dish, but the picture didn’t come out right (probably my thumb got in the way). Once again, the portion size is great and I actually had to bring some home as I needed to make room for dessert…lol! When the Deep fried ice Cream arrived, I was smiling because it looked so yummy! I have included a photo of this dessert. Perfection!

Our experience at this restaurant was spot on, and on our next visit, we will be trying their tapas menu.

FOOTNOTE: We never felt rushed, or that we were taking up space, as we did extend our visit here due to great conversation amongst ourselves. Even after paying the bill, we were still served refills of water and their honey ginger tea. Christine, Jay and the manager Trang Le continued to check on us to see if we were good and if we needed anything else. We left a nice tip for their hard work!

5/5 stars

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