The Salt & Pepper Shaker

We may not all use them, but we all have them and they have become a household staple.

The Salt & Pepper Shaker.  The salt & pepper shaker was first invented in 1858 by John Mason, a tinsmith from America  but it wasn’t until the 1920′s that sets of salt and pepper shakers were commonly manufactured, and later they became even more popular due to cost effectiveness of ceramic production.

As well, they were popular due to the addition of magnesium carbonate to the salt to prevent lumps and clumping caused by moisture, which was added by the Morton Salt Company in Chicago, in the United States, making it easy to pour.

In North America, the salt shaker has more holes than the pepper shaker but in the UK, it is reversed!

Previous to the shaker, salt was served in oval dishes and taken with a spoon.



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