Speaking at Conestoga College Today

Sitting down at home, relaxing and winding down from this morning.  Today was an amazing day to say the least!  I was excited to share Indigenous knowledge with a class of culinary students at Conestoga College.

This particular course is called, “Introduction to Aboriginal Cuisine”.  I asked the students why they had taken this class.  Their answers were that they didn’t know much about our food and culture, and this looked like it would expose them to this knowledge.  It’s wonderful to hear students wanting to know more about our culture, food and food systems.

Once the discussion was complete, we watched a brief video on foraging since they had just completed a section on that.  We then turned our attention to the kitchen.  We made Blueberry Mush (yes, they had to grind the white corn), and Venison Tenderloin with a Blueberry sauce.  The students were very attentive, asked questions and I fed off of their enthusiasm.  Oh yeah, they loved the mush and the venison!

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