For the love of cooking…



I have always felt most comfortable in the kitchen.  Whether it be my home or a friends home I always find myself leaning against the island or counter in the kitchen, having a conversation.  It’s like a safe place for me.  Comforting.

Some of the best conversations happen in this room.  Smiles and laughter fill the air.  People put down their phones and actually communicate with one another…eye contact and everything!  This is a gathering place where people can express their views and share ideas, all the while nibbling on cheese and crackers or a bologna sandwich.  Good food is made in this space.  People conversing while a meal is being prepared.  The aromas bring on new topics of conversation and more emotions being released.  Food has been the anchor to talks that end wars, begin new relationships and complete deals.

This is the beauty of food.  It has no politics, no religion, no judgement…just the opportunity to bring people together.  Here, in the kitchen is where we tell those close to us that we love and cherish them.  That they mean the world to us.  This is why I love what I do and why I love cooking for others.  It isn’t just a job, or a career…it’s all about passion, and the passion it brings out in others.

This is why I cook.

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