Northern Lights Restaurant-St. Ignace, Michigan

We arrived in St. Ignace and were looking for a place to have dinner. Some places were absolutely packed, then there were others with almost no one in them. The weather wasn’t great, so we figured let’s try a slower restaurant. That was our mistake.

This restaurant looked like it could be a hidden gem, but shortly after we seated and began ordering, I noticed an odour. It was an old building and I could smell mold and mildew. Hate that smell in a restaurant. The only reason we stayed was because we had just driven 6 1/2 hours to get here and we were hungry. Okay, let’s get past the smell. The decor says small lakeside town and it was cozy. The smell kept creeping back.

Our server was pleasant and very much a pro at serving. She was the pleasant surprise to this place.   Let me say this about the menu,  it is a hot mess.  It has so many different choices of so many different types of cuisines, it is hard to decide what is actually a good choice.  The food came out real quick which is also something you don’t expect in small towns. I know this from experience. We asked what she recommended and she said the meatloaf dinner. Many say this is as good as their mother’s meatloaf. Let me stop you right there. If my mom made meatloaf like that, she would start over. I made the mistake of ordering that. It was way too wet and felt like it had been warmed in hot water. The flavour was lacking and was unappealing.

What I did appreciate is the fact when I ordered the soup, the server told me that the vegetable soup was made in house but the chicken noodle was brought in (this surprised me as chicken noodle is so simple to make in house). Her honesty was refreshing for sure.

In the end, if it wasn’t for the continual odour, this would be a great place to just sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and watch the world pass by. Unfortunately, mold smells are not that appetizing and if you have environmental allergies, this place will kick your allergies in. Just being honest here.

3/5 stars

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