Mr. B’s Bistro-NOLA

My wife and I arrived in New Orleans and were looking for some good food (which is obvious when you’re in the French Quarter).  A dear friend of mine recommended Mr. B’s Bistro and since I trust his judgement, we chose to dine here.  This was NOT a mistake!

The restaurant sits at the corner of Royal Street and Canal Street.  It looks like any other building in the Quarter but once you walk inside…wow!  This place is very much a casual fine dining establishment with proper hostesses, servers (both male and female) dressed up in black suits and aprons.  Very classy.  The atmosphere has a romantic undertone to it, as does the open kitchen offer that personal touch to the experience.

Chris, our server, greeted us with a pleasant demeanour and never at any point, did we feel like we didn’t matter to him, nor did we feel like we were being rushed out the door.  My wife ordered the Crab Cake and I decided on the Giant Scallops.  These two dishes did not disappoint.  The flavour was there, the presentation was there and the portion size was perfect.  We then moved onto the entree.  My wife ordered the Bacon Wrapped Shrimp and Stone Ground Grits.  Wow, the flavour!  I ordered the Molasses Brined, Wood-Grilled 14 oz. Pork T-Bone, Goat Cheese Risotto with a Port Wine & Fig Sauce.  I was blown away!  My only concern was the Goat Cheese risotto.  It was a tad over cooked and it felt unfinished, like it was missing something.  We couldn’t have been happier, though with this meal then we ordered dessert.  I had the Lemon Ice-Box Pie and my wife had the Buttery Pecan Pie.  Now, that is how you finish a dinner.

Our overall experience was more than we had hoped for, and for us, this was a reminder of our trip here 6 years ago.  Our first trip together after we started dating was to NOLA.  We are back again.  The food is better than before, the atmosphere is exhilarating and the sounds, lights and the people are magical.  You have to eat at this restaurant if you are in the French Quarter.

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