Ole Saint-NOLA

Wow, what a disaster!  No, I am not going to beat around the bush on this one.  This restaurant is attached and apparently affiliated with the Wyndham Hotel in the French Quarter where we stayed.  Someone had said the food was decent and would be okay to experience.  Since my wife and I were looking for a good breakfast place and we were in a rush, we chose to eat here…DON’T!

Let’s start from the “hostess”.  She is an older lady who seemd to have no patience for anyone coming in the door, nor did she have a pleasant demeanour.  What was she doing, greeting people at the front door?  We were seated and our server “seemed” pleasant enough and in taking our drink order, I asked nicely for a cup of coffee.  Now the slide.  I watched as she poured refills for the other 3 tables in the restaurant as well as stand around and chat with another server.  I had been to the buffet and back and was half way through my plate when I asked another server who was clearing another table if I could get that first cup of coffee?  Finally!

Now for the buffet.  As you will see in the photos I posted, with the “hostess” and one of the cooks standing around the front desk chatting, no one bothered to do any type of tidying up around the buffet.  It was a hot mess.  Trays not clean, half filled or almost empty.  The worst part was they had good ingredients to work with, but the kitchen just threw the food together.

The food wasn’t truly enjoyable, nor was it worth the $13.95 we paid for it.  The service was a disaster as was the hostess.  The best part of the experience here were the T.V. screen showing Olympics.  I would rather eat McDonald’s breakfast than eat here again.  No, I do not recommend this place.

1/5 stars

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