Today in Food history


Also, on this day in 1762 Mary Randolph was born.  She was a Southern U.S. cookbook author, whose ‘The Virginia Housewife’(1824) is considered the first cookbook of the American South, and one of the most influential cookbooks of the 19th century.  It contains hints of the influence of African cooking on the cooking of the American South.  Mrs. Randolph was also one of the first to use measurements in her recipes, rather than just a list of ingredients.

In 1881 Clarence Saunders was born (died Oct 14, 1953). Founder of Piggly Wiggly grocery store chain in Memphis, Tennessee, the first true self-service grocery store.

In 1978 France ended price controls on bread.

In 1982 Diet Coke was introduced.

In 1996 James McLamore died (born May 30, 1926). Co-founder, with David Edgerton, of Burger King.

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