Brussels Sprouts

The little green monsters polarize opinion like football and politics – and we eat more than a billion a year.  What am I talking about?  Brussels Sprouts!

 It won its name after becoming popular in the Belgian capital in the 16th Century, but the Brussels sprout is ­originally thought to have come from Iran and Afghanistan.   Around 5,000 years ago sprouts were prescribed by Chinese physicians as a medication for bowel problems.

In the U.S., Brussels Sprouts are the most hated vegetables.  The U.K. voted it the most hated vegetable as well, but ironically, produce 6 times more than the U.S.

 And the reason why lots of people don’t like them? Sprouts are hard to digest and full of sulphur-containing chemicals to deter ­animals from feeding on their leaves. It’s this that can clear a room in seconds.   Overcooking sprouts makes them smell like rotten eggs. With high levels of sulforaphane, sprouts should be cooked for only four to six minutes.

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