Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who doesn’t like chocolate chip cookies!  These are a staple in the world of classic foods.  Here is a little tale of how this sweet treat happened by accident…

In 1930, at the Tool House Inn, Ruth Wakefield was out of baking chocolate so she used a smashed up semi-sweet chocolate bar instead.  To her surprise, the chocolate chunks didn’t melt in the oven but rather kept them as little chinks in the newly baked cookies.  Her Whitman Massachusetts Inn became famous for this cookie invention.  She called these gems, “Toll House Crunch Cookies”.

As the popularity of the Tool House Crunch Cookie increased, the sales of Nestle’s semi-sweet chocolate bars also spiked.  Andrew Nestle and Ruth Wakefield decided to come up with an agreement.  Nestle would print the Toll House Cookie recipe on its package, and Ruth would be given a lifetime supply of Nestle chocolate.

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