Frank’s Red Hot Sauce

I love the commercial, “I put that @*&! On everything!”  I can only be talking about one condiment, Frank’s Red Hot Sauce.

The rich heritage of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce dates back to 1918 when pepper farmer Adam Estillette partnered with Jacob Frank in New Iberia, Louisiana, to create a sauce perfectly spiced with the rich flavour of cayenne peppers.  2 years later, in 1920, the first bottle of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce emerged from Estillette’s pickling plant.

Frank’s grows its peppers in both Mexico and New Mexico.  The peppers are then made into a mash and aged/stored in New Mexico.  After the perfect aging process has taken place, the pepper mash is sent to the production plant in Springfield, Missouri, where the product is cooked and special spices are added to give food an unbelievable surge of flavour.

Frank’s Red Hot Sauce is the secret ingredient used in the first ever Buffalo wings in Buffalo, New York, 1964.

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