Panko Bread Crumbs

There is nothing like eating a breaded product, say breaded chicken breast, and the breading has kept its shape and texture.  Normal bread crumbs don’t always have this consistency but Panko breadcrumbs do.  What are Panko bread crumbs?  First, Panko Breadcrumbs are a Japanese product that’s become popular, due in large to TV Shows like Master Chef and other cooking shows.  The reasoning behind Panko’s popularity as well is the fact that it’s flaky rather than crumbly, so doesn’t soak up as much oil as regular crumbs.  It lacks any flavour, so is a good vehicle to carry other flavours.

The history of Panko isn’t thousands or even hundreds of years. It was developed during WWII when the Japanese were fighting the Russians.  They wanted to bake bread without heat, so created a method that used electric current.  Using only electric current which has little heat, but still cooks the bread.  The dough is risen three times.  It comes out of the special ovens white and crust less, before being air dried for 18 hours and then made into breadcrumbs.  Today Palm Oil is used in the making of Panko bread crumbs but when the Japanese made them back then, they would have used something like Rice Bran Oil.

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