Today in Food History



Also, on this day in 1718 John Montague, 4th Earl of Sandwich was born.  Captain Cook named the Sandwich Islands after him. The Earl is supposed to have invented the sandwich as a quick meal so as not to interrupt his gambling sessions.

In 1832 Sir John Leslie died. A Scottish physicist and mathematician, he was the first to create ice artificially (freeze water artificially). He used an air pump apparatus.

In 1863 J.T. Alden was issued a patent for an improved method of manufacturing dried yeast.

In 1927 Harrison McCain was born (died March 18, 2004). Co-founder (with 3 brothers) of McCain Foods in 1957 in New Brunswick, Canada.  The company produces 1/3 of the world’s french fries.

In 1952 Frozen peas are added to the list of frozen vegetables produced by Birdseye.

In 1956 Caesar Cardini died (born Feb 24, 1896 in Italy). Chef and restaurateur in the U.S. and Mexico, he is credited with creating the Caesar Salad at his restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico in the 1920s.

In 1966 Ingredients are required to be listed on food packages. The first truth in packaging law.

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