Today in Food History


Also, on this day in 1910 Joy Adamson was born. Naturalist and author of ‘Born Free’ about Elsa, a lion cub. She had also researched culinary and medicinal uses of various plants in Kenya.

In 1920 Aluminum pot salesman Irwin W. Cox, inventor of pre-soaped steel-wool pad to clean pots, registered “SOS” trademark (it stands for ‘Save Our Saucepans’).

In 1964 The world’s largest cheese was made, a 34,000 pound cheddar. It was created by the Wisconsin Cheese Foundation for the 1964/65 New York World’s Fair. It took 170,000 quarts of milk from 16,000 cows. It was eaten at the 1965 annual meeting of the Wisconsin Dairymen & Cheese-makers Association.

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