Today in Food History



Also, on this day in 1857 Fannie Merritt Farmer was born (died Jan 15, 1915).  American culinary authority, and author of the 1896 edition of ‘The Boston Cooking School Cook Book‘ which became known in future editions as the ‘Fannie Farmer Cook Book.’  Director of the Boston Cooking School, and founder of Miss Farmer’s School of Cookery.  She is often cited as the first cookbook author to introduce standard measurements.

In 1880 A patent for a glass milk bottle was issued to Warren Glass Works.

In 1880 John Stevens of Neenah, Wisconsin was issued U.S. patent No. 225,770 for a grain-crushing mill (flour-rolling mill) which could increase flour production by up to 70 percent.

In 1896 The New York State Legislature passed Raines Law, which restricted the sale of alcohol on Sundays. However, Manhattan hotels with at least 10 rooms were allowed to sell alcohol on Sunday accompanied by a meal or in hotel bedrooms.  Numerous saloons proceeded to add small furnished rooms and applied for hotel licenses.

In 1912 The Dixie Cup was developed by Lawrence Luellen and Hugh Moore.  Its original name was the ‘Health Kup,’ changed to ‘Dixie Cup‘ in 1919.  The name came from a line of dolls made by the Dixie Doll Company.

In 1965 ‘International House of Pancakes’ trademark was registered.

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