Dandelions as Food and Medicine – Fern & Fungi

Ah, the humble and tenacious dandelion. How city dwellers hate it, engaging in futile yearly battles to eradicate it from their lawns and seemingly every crack in the pavement. They’re conditioned to as many municipal bylaws have rules against weedy yards and nosey neighbours are often all too keen to call in the bylaw officer if they think your yard doesn’t meet the “standard” of the neighbourhood. There is no bylaw officer in my small town to enforce the rules, so I let my dandelions grow!  When I bought my house, the previous caretaker didn’t apologize for the dandelions, he simply shrugged and said “I see wine, not weeds”. When I visit the local farmers’ markets in my rural area the grannies have dandelion flower syrup and jelly proudly displayed on their tables. It’s rural wisdom, don’t fight your weeds —

Source: Dandelions as Food and Medicine – Fern & Fungi

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