100 Of The Stupidest Orders Chefs Have Ever Received! – The Chef’s Circle

Real Orders/Questions That Members of The Chef’s Circle have recieved!  We Kid You Not! Check It Out And Leave A comment Below! Johnny Hunter Had a woman complain for twenty minutes we had no gluten free and vegan menu items. Only to order a ruben at the end of her tirade…. Amylie Laplaine Pecan pie, no pecans. Didn’t want our sugar pie. Apple pie no apples as well. Also had a woman ask if we could remove the butter from her slice of cake.😒 Rich Lord I had a complaint once that there were lumps of veg in the chunky veg soup! Jeff Vader Chilli-can you remove the kidney beans. Bacon and egg sandwich-no egg white….it was a fried egg by the way. Med-rare tuna steak – “you’re trying to kill me serving raw fish” My personal fave which happens far too much…a med rare steak…..no pink???! So well done yeah? Victoria Beale Once had some one order scrambled eggs but instructed that they must be whisked using a fork an nor a whisk as if a whisk is used she would get a migrane De shelled lobster shellfish allergy. Server asks, “If it’s not in the shell Its fine right?” Mike Bodor Also no sesame seeds because of an allergy. But the ponzu marinade made with a bit of sesame oil is ok Anna Gibbons They demanded new veg as they couldn’t have dairy or lactose and the veg had butter on it….. and ordered vanilla ice cream on their fruit salad for dessert. .. Andre Pina Customer once requested an Ahi Poke Tuna salad and demanded it was “less fishy” Lisa Skipper Last summer I had a server come to me and explain that the vegan customer wanted to sub the chicken on the glass noodle salad for the beat cured salmon. I asked if they had offered her the baked tofu? They said yes shes vegan and wants the salmon. Ok then vegan salmon it is. David Seelig Toasted sandwich, gluten free, double bacon, double cheese, 2 eggs, avocado, hash brown, mayo. Customer was a regular and wasn’t gluten intolerant, she just wanted gluten free bread because “it’s got less calories so it’s healthier”. Jenny Doody We had a half roast chicken sent back because it looked to much like chicken  Willis Pendleton Beye Eggs Benedict…. no yolk Nichole Naomi Order some calamari, sends it back due to seafood allergy. Then orders turkey soup, no turkey. Just gtfo. Lol Melissa Joy I love when people try to modify soup. Like… it’s soup Nathaniel Spunar Is your Alaskan salmon from Alaska? Because I’m allergic to seafood from the Pacific ocean. Alexander Sillan I had a customer come in and say I’m celiac so can I have the Snitzle burger without the bread and a salad instead. Me: Sorry but the Snitzle is covered in breadcrumbs. customer: I’m celiac but not that celiac. Me thinking, Um, what? Anyway, all our burgers come with chips, “sometimes celiac” I thought she would understand that chips don’t have gluten.She leaves and comes back and complains she didn’t get enough Snitzle (I explained how much came with it) and that she can’t eat chips because she’s celiac….I really tried not to piss myself laughing Jeff Turley French onion soup no onions. Allergy to onions Elena Wasnak Chicken and duck liver mousse. No duck. The server explained that the customers only wanted the chicken livers. The server thought it was perfectly reasonable request. Tracie Rapson Is the cheesecake dairy free? Juliusz Gabrielczyk Parma ham taken off the ballotine of chicken…because I’m vegetarian.  Chuah Karebee I had a steak order customers wants it (I kid you not) 99.99% well done and with only a thin line of red in the center Dwayne Yeaw Hopkins Cheeseburger no cheese. Which isn’t that unusual.BUT I did have a server asked me once how much horse was in the horseradish because a customer needed to know   Chadateit My personal favourite was a banquet order for a Caesar’s salad (for a party of about 100 people) that, 20 minutes before plating, was updated saying that the Caesar dressing couldn’t have anchovies, garlic, or egg. What do you even say to that? Just Jim “I’m very allergic to garlic, is there any in the special?” “Yes, there is a little” “Well, as long as I can’t see it I’ll be okay. I’ll have the special.” Shi Chang Chu I want the stuffed salmon. I don’t like the taste of salmon though, so don’t make it taste like salmon. RAS1187 Order for well done burger. Not unusual, but the guest told the server, “My doctor told me I can’t have any red meat” and was dead serious. Colomboshute Today’s special was sirloin a la plancha and a customer asked my wife if we could make it vegetarian… Recky Customer complains after eating her omelette that the menu didn’t explicitly state that it contained “so much egg…” Just Jim “Can I get the special with fettuccine? I’m allergic to penne.” “You’re allergic to a shape?” Sergeant Pepper Obligatory hybrid temperatures on steaks. Will Well-done steak tartare. Good to go Mid-rare ossu rucco. Shanks We had a guest claim that they were allergic to all fish then order a Caesar salad, when I said that the dressing contained anchovies they got annoyed and said “I ea

Source: 100 Of The Stupidest Orders Chefs Have Ever Received! – The Chef’s Circle

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