Macky’s kahuku sweet shrimp truck-North Shore, Oahu Hawaii

I have hummed and hawed for some time in trying this food truck. Partly, because it is always busy. So, one day I decide that since it just opened for the day, I am going to have to try it. Man, I’m glad I did! A very simple menu so I order the lemon pepper shrimp. It comes with rice, salad and a slice of pineapple…oh yeah, 9 shrimp! The rice is flavoured with lemon pepper butter as I ordered the lemon pepper shrimp. The rice is always flavoured based on whether you get lemon pepper, garlic butter, hot spicy, coconut or original. The salad is romaine and comes with Italian dressing. Everything compliments everything else on the plate! No wonder this food truck is always busy!!! I should have done this sooner. You have to eat here, as this food truck delivers with amazing flavour!

4/5 stars

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