Crossings Pub and Eatery-Lambeth

My family, myself and some friends from out of province were looking to have dinner after an event we were attending. I had never eaten at Crossing before but had wanted to try. It wasn’t difficult to take credit for the choice we made!

The building is nicely presented and when we walked up to the doors, the hostess was smiling and very welcoming. We had contemplated the patio but chose inside for our visit as we had young children with us. Walking through the bar area and into the main dining room, I could see a lot of effort was put forth to make this place inviting without feeling intimidating. Our server (I believe her name was Alyssa-I’m horrible with names at times) greeted us and returned quickly with our drinks. Not being here before, I asked if she had Manhattans on the menu? Her reply was that yes, she could most definitely make that for me. She returned a couple of times, always smiling, asking if we needed more time before ordering appetizers and mains. Not once did she make any of us feel like we were under the gun, so to speak. The menu is somewhat large but the many choices made it difficult to choose any once dish.

We ordered. I had the Calamari. You must order this dish. Panko breaded and seasoned before leaving the kitchen. The calamari itself is so tender it almost melts in your mouth. My wife had the Crab Cakes. I have had many Crab Cakes in my day but the flavour of these are something else! The side slaw that comes with it has such a refreshing taste that it truly does cleanse the palate afterwards. Our server was quietly in and out, clearing any used dishes that needed to be removed. Very professional and well deserving of the many compliments that came her way. Then my Ahi Tuna Salad arrives. A beautiful presentation. Sitting atop of the Arugula, the pickled onions compliment the wasabi aioli drizzled on the plate. The Ahi Tuna was seared perfectly. The bites of cucumber throughout were the hidden gems as they were so refreshing and only added to this amazing salad. Even the baby’s kids pizza was delicious!

Was there a flaw to this experience? No. Our server was very accommodating to our every request. She ensured we always had drinks, cleared dishes when needed and checked on us periodically to see if there were any issues, concerns or comments. The kitchen is to be commended for the outstanding plating and timing of food delivery. We never seemed to be waiting for anything, nor did it take any lengthy time to start receiving our dishes. The manger approached us and checked upon us as well.

I do have to make this comment. This must be one happy place to work because it seemed like all the staff we saw were always smiling. If so, then management and ownership should be very proud of themselves. I wish more restaurants would care for their customers as this establishment did for us.

Returning? You know it! The atmosphere, the service, the food…could not have asked for better. Job well done and congratulations on providing my party with a very memorable evening.

5/5 stars

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