Woody’s BBQ-Brantford

My wife and I had been wanting to try this place for some time and finally the opportunity came about. The building is clean and the interior does say southern BBQ but not cluttered like some I have seen. The server was friendly and seated us quickly.Our server returned, smiling and very accommodating as we took our time browsing this menu. The home made lemonade is delicious. Our server recommended the baby back ribs and it turned out to be a great choice. I am one for loving sauce on my ribs. The messier the better, and since some places have little flavour in their ribs, it helps. No here. I never added any of the table sauces to my ribs. They were fall off the bone delicious and the flavour was amazing. I had the okra and tomato side dish. Very peppery but tasty all the same. We definitely enjoyed our food, the atmosphere and our serve was good. The only reason I didn’t give a “5” here is that even with the kids meals, the lemonade was charged for each of our drinks. That was 6 lemonades charged. Odd that the kids’ meals didn’t come with a free drink. That is my only beef with this place. Yes, we will return again. I do recommend the ribs!

4/5 stars

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