Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.-Honolulu

My wife really wanted to eat here so I agreed and we took the family here for dinner. What a disaster. Though the staff are super friendly, they aren’t the most “on-the-ball” group of people I have ever encountered. Taking our order was the easy part. Our server almost seemed to eager to get the order and put it in. Twice we had to ask for a bit more time to look over the menu (and we aren’t that slow when it comes to ordering food).

The spinach dip seemed to lack something. I have had dips many times before and this one just didn’t have the flavour I had hoped for. As well, pita chips would have been better than tortilla chips. When the twins got their kids meals, they were happy to see them in boats. Their food was tasty! I had high expectations. I had the Jambalaya. I guess after being in New Orleans, I would half expect some kind of bread to come with it. I was wrong. New Orleans would be disappointed. The shrimp was way over cooked and rubbery at best. The chicken was tough (overcooked).

My wife had the Net Catch Entree. It looked great when it came to the table. That was the best of that dish. The corn was so waterlogged it was sponge like. The shrimp was way overcooked. Remember, this is a shrimp restaurant so the expectation that shrimp will be cooked correctly is a given. The potatoes however, were under cooked. Refills were never asked for by our server, and in our original order we had asked for pickles for the babies’ meals. Only one of them got a pickle spear (which is fine) but the other did not. After asking 3 servers for a pickle, the 3rd server brought us a portion cup of sliced pickles. Hence, the poor tip.

2/5 stars

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