Da Crawfish and Crab Shack-Waianae, Oahu

After reading reviews of this restaurant, we decided that this place had great seafood.  We did read all reviews, both good and bad but I believed that some were biased…

The place is average looking but amazing views from the windows.  Nothing like a cold one while gazing out at the views, and the sunset.  Service wasn’t great by any means and our server really did seem to lack interest.  My wife noticed there was WiFi there so we asked for the password.  Five (5) different staff members and not one of them knew the password, nor seemed interested in finding it out for us.  So, let me try to spell this one out for you all.  As a Chef, I understand the importance of a first impression.  If you treat your guests like they actually mean something, then chances are they will spend money and tip very well.  We did not spend the money we were going to buy, and did not tip very well.  The Calamari is just basic served with ketchup.  The fish cake was pink (interesting) but it did taste good.  The Ritz crackers actually didn’t hurt this dish.  Then the Combo #1 appeared.  This was a hot mess to say the least.  The corn was completely overcooked and waterlogged.  We ordered it with garlic butter but that even had little flavour.  More than half of the clams were empty, and the crab legs were overcooked as well.  Definitely not what I had expected, especially after reading the reviews.  Our server seemed to go through the motions, as did most of the staff on duty.  I had one drink but would have liked to have had more.

My wife agreed with me, let’s just finish and get out of here.  It’s a shame.  So much promise and such a let down.

Would I or do I recommend this place to others…NO. I’m not new at reviews and I always give restaurants a chance but some just don’t deserve a good review.  This is one of them.

2/5 stars

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