Uncle Bo’s Pupu Bar & Grill-North Shore, Oahu

Driving through North Shore, we decided against food trucks, since we had already enjoyed many there.  It was time for a sit down lunch.  Parking is so hard to find, but we realized there was parking behind the restaurant which made it more easily accessible.  You can enter this restaurant from the rear or the front.

The hostess greeted us with a smile and after a brief moment to confirm seating, lead us to our table in the back section.  This restaurant is a far cry from what I had expected…It is clean, up-to-date and even a shiek, modern look to it.  After being seated, our server introduced herself and was patient while we ordered.  Having young children can be a challenge at times when ordering food…lol.  I will say, for how busy it was, it really wasn’t that loud which made it a more comfortable visit.

I ordered the Ceviche and the Six Little Piggies (Pork Belly).  I was so pleasantly surprised the by the presentation of each dish.  My wife ordered the Crispy Crab Cakes and the Clam Chowder.  The food was delicious and plated well.  The Pork Belly was a touch dry for my liking, but the flavour was still there.  For this reason, I gave the food a 4/5.  At no point did we ever feel rushed or that we did not matter.  Our server took very good care of us and we tipped accordingly.

I would most definitely recommend this restaurant to others.

I will add this…
…There is no restroom on premises.  The server will give you a piece of paper with a code for the restroom outside the building just around the corner.  I suggest you either make your break prior to entering the restaurant or wait until you’re done.  Is it an inconvenience, YES!  Did it affect my experience at this restaurant, NO!

4/5 stars

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