Dock Lunch-Penetanguishene

So, I took my family and myself on a cottage vacation recently, and decided to drive around to the nearby towns to see about food and whatnot. I came across this sign that says, “World Famous Dock Lunch”. I was intrigued, so we decided that had to be the place to eat.

I get that this restaurant is in a small town on Georgian Bay, and that this place has been a mainstay for some time now, but really…world famous? I absolutely love fish and chips, and order it whenever I can. Of course, this place has it on their menu (and it should, being at a marina on the bay), so I figure, maybe this is why this is world famous. Boy, was I wrong. We wee there early (around 4:00 p.m.) and we were amongst 2 other tables so this place was most definitely not busy. My fish was over cooked and dry. The french fries were frozen (ordered from a food supplier) which surprised me since there were so many farmers in this region growing and selling potatoes. Yes, you get to put your own gravy of your fries, but if this is what makes this place world famous, then it needs to rename itself because I saw nothing here that said it was anything special.

The decor was dated and reminded me of a 70’s diner but not that nice. The young girls they had working that day seemed less than enthused to serve me or my wife, let alone clean tables in an empty restaurant.

Why do i rate this place a 2 star? Only because my children ate the frozen then deep fried chicken fingers and the price is appropriate for what you get…cheap.

Do I recommend this place to anyone who has a palate? NO.

2/5 stars

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