Georgian Grill-Midland

World famous, this restaurant is NOT. Once again, during a cottage vacation, my family and I toured this beach area because it was recommended to us from a service attendant. Being on Georgian Bay, and a beach village, I was sure this time I was going to get a fresh fish dinner. Boy was I wrong!

The prices aren’t great but seeing fish on the menu, I asked the young girl working if the fish was local. She hesitated before answering, “no”. I then asked if the fish was at least fresh and again she replied, “no”. So I know I had to ask this question, “So, if the fish isn’t local, and it’s not fresh, where does it come from? She said a food company shipped in these frozen square battered patties to them. I then had to ask her where I might find some fresh fish, since I knew white fish was very popular in this region. She couldn’t even give me an answer for that.

The food was very disappointing, though they apparently made a homemade burger that some called a homemade coaster (then would chuckle). The burger was thin, small and flavourless. I assume that their taste buds were shot because when making a homemade burger, you make it signature, not bland and uneventful.

Forget the food. This run down, out-of-date place also had an arcade which was a huge distraction for the children and seemed to be what made money for this place. It was a rainy day so not much was open, which is why we chose this place (besides, when you see the sign and it says, World Famous, you have high expectations).

I do not recommend this restaurant for families who want to enjoy the scenery (which they do have) while eating their food in a serene atmosphere. The arcade is so overbearing that you wish you had packed a lunch instead.

2/5 stars

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