Famous Dave’s-Buffalo

After a day of shopping in Buffalo, we decided to eat at Famous Dave’s. The decor is really cool, the music piped in is good ole southern tunes and the atmosphere…relaxed. Our server took and returned with our drink order quite quickly, but after that, it went downhill for her…and us.

She (I forgot her name) seemed quite distracted or maybe just didn’t like her job. She took our order in a non matter-of-fact way but I wasn’t there for the conversation, just the food!

The food was absolutely amazing, but to get refills on drinks…hmmm. If it wasn’t for another server, I don’t think any of us would have seen another drink. When it came time to pay for our meal, we waited, and waited, and waited. I had to flag her down eventually as it seemed like she had forgotten all about us (it really wasn’t that busy yet as it was early dinner time). When I did pay, I needed a doggy bag and with food sitting right there, she left without even clearing a plate, asking if there was anything else, or offering a take out container.

Outside of the sub standard service, the meal itself and the atmosphere was second to none. Oh yes, her tip reflected the service we received! The service is the only reason I gave Dave’s a 4/5.

YES, we will be going back..the food is why you go to Famous Dave’s!!!

4/5 stars

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