Hutch’s Dingley Dell-Hamilton

A beautiful Saturday afternoon drive with the family and we decided to stop at Hutch’s for lunch. We have been here before and love the food, the scenery as well as the “diner” look. Very homey feel.

I ordered the large fish and chips (home cut fries and lots of them), my wife ordered the banquet burger and the kids ordered off the kiddie’s menu. Burger and fries and pogo and fries. You place your order at the counter and they give you a ticket. You find a seat and when your order is ready, they call your number on the loud speaker.

The food is delicious and is enjoyed while you sit at a booth with a mini juke box on your table. Very vintage. You look out the windows and you see Lake Ontario as bikers, joggers and dog walkers pass by. Just a really nice feel to sit back, enjoy some good food and chill.

If you are looking for a getaway from the daily grind or away from the hustle and bustle of city life, this is a must.

If you are looking to be served like most restaurants, then this place is not for you. You pick up your food, you clear your own table, and get your own condiments. Life is simple and so is this place. It’s nice to still have places like this!

5/5 stars

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