Wacky Wings-Brantford

It is a usual Monday stop for me and my twins (3 1/2 yr olds). They get so excited when I pick them up from day care and say let’s go to Wacky Wings! The kids menu is full of choices like chicken wings, fingers, grilled cheese, fish, mac n’ cheese, pizza and burgers. My babies absolutely love the fact they can have apples or strawberries with their meal..and the cookie afterwards.

I love the fact they have an enormous wing sauce (both dry and wet) selection. I almost always get the sriracha bbq suce, cajun or lemon pepper. I have found myself lately enjoying the appy sampler platter. The choice of three different apps is a definite hit for me.

I always find the service to be quite attentive and take good care of us. I do recommend if you g during the week for dinner, go around 4:30. I always find it a little quiter at that time and less distracting for my babies…lol.

They have this great play area on the other side of the building, but my babies are always happy when the servers bring the bucket of stuffed toys for them to choice one from. I feel like this is just what a family needs…some place that takes care of them. I feel Wacky Wings and its staff are wonderful and we make this a weekly stop.

I know its petty, but I only gave a 4 out of 5 because I quit smoking and find I am drinking a lot more tea. I love lemon tea and they do not have this one. I like green tea, but lemon tea always hits the spot.

4/5 stars

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