My wife and I were looking for a romantic place to enjoy our 5th wedding anniversary. In doing searches here on TripAdvisor, we fell upon Sarcoa. I read the many reviews and after evaluating everything, decided this is where I would take my bride to celebrate.

We were greeted by the hostess in a most pleasant manner, which began our experience here. The decor is sheik, hip even but very comforting. I felt like I was about to be pampered.The server, Rennie, greeted us and congratulated us on our anniversary, which made us feel that much more special. It’s those little details that matter most. I asked to see a wine list which wasn’t present at the table. Rennie asked what my tastes were, and he recommended a bottle. Turns out, he was spot on. He is very knowledgeable where spirits are concerned. My wife mentioned she liked rum and tropical fruit. He returned with a drink which went down amazingly well and once again, he hit the mark. Trust Rennie when he makes suggestions.

Being that it is winter, the restaurant wasn’t packed to which I have to ask…why is everyone standing in line at other restaurants when this hidden gem has so much to offer? The food is incredibly flavourful and portioned well. One thing I will state, as a chef and in the business for 19 years, a good restaurant does not place salt or pepper on the table. This restaurant does not place them on tables, either. A good chef knows how to season food and if done properly, salt and pepper are never needed. This food was completely loaded with flavour. I had the 38 day aged 10 oz. strip loin (med rare) and it melted in my mouth.

Could it get any better? YES! The dessert menu is simple but offers your palate something a little different and something unique. I ordered the Pomegranate Creme Brulee and it did not disappoint.

I heard another table comment on how the server had been making recommendations and that the table was completely satisfied with what was placed before them. I know some have complained about the food, the prices, the waiting, etc., but I am unsure what they were expecting coming to this restaurant. I have posted the menu (including prices). The food is well worth the price. The total bill for my wife and I was $162.16, not including tip (which we tipped very well, it was well deserved) If spending this amount of money freaks you out, don’t eat here. You won’t appreciate the offerings. If you are looking to have an exquisite evening with your significant other, ignore the prices and just experience the atmosphere and ambiance of this place. Relax and take in your surroundings, and know the staff aren’t overbearing or in your face. This is a very relaxed setting and you will enjoy your time here.

My wife and I will be returning for another date night as we thoroughly enjoyed our experience.

I very much do recommend this restaurant!!!

5/5 stars

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