Swiss Chalet Rotisserie & Grill-Brantford

I don’t normally write reviews of fast food establishments or chains but this place forced my hand.

First and foremost, my children were under the weather and we were travelling from one city to the next. We decided to stop and get chicken coup for the babies. We had eaten here before and never had quite the experience we did this time…hence, my review.

The restaurant only had 4 tables seated, and they were already eating when we arrived. It took some time for someone to greet us at the door (not a good start). When we were seated, the children received their Kids’ Menu which includes pictures to colour. When looking around the table and not seeing any crayons, I asked our server if she might retrieve some for our babies. She returned only to say that they didn’t have any crayons. I know, sounds petty, but if you have kids’ menus, you have crayons. If not, then someone isn’t doing their job.

We ordered. My wife had the Honey Garlic Quarter Chicken and I had the regular Quarter Chicken Dinner. Normally, Swiss Chalet is quick with the orders, but we also had to wait an unusual amount of time (remember, I said that there were only 4 tables seated and they were already eating). When the food did arrive, I receive a Honey Garlic Chicken Dinner (not a fan of Honey Garlic). The server seemed put off by this. My comment to my wife is that if she is pissed now, wait till she sees her tip. My wife also ordered gravy, but the server seemed elsewhere because when she came back to the table, my wife had to remind her that she ordered gravy. In retrospect, we should have known it would be a bad experience as our server never really seemed to pay attention at all to our table, our needs, or our drinks (we never got refills. I had Tea and my wife had diet soda). Her responses to us always seemed to have an under tone of, “I really don’t care”.

I get it if the restaurant is busy, but once again, only 5 tables (including us). I am unsure as to why the service and our experience was underwhelming, but I am hoping the manager reads this and fixes what needs to be fixed. Don’t let complacency be your driving force. As I have mentioned, only 5 tables total when we were there for dinner, and you are a chain. People will go to where they will get better service.

1/5 stars

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