My Morning Thought…

I’m sitting here this morning, drinking my first coffee, scrolling through my Facebook page to catch up on the world around me.  I know, Facebook, really?  Yes, because I have many friends who post information that involves food and food stuff.  Things that are relevant to me.  Unfortunately, all I am reading is about the horrible shootings in Dallas.  What has this world come to?  I’m all about the food.  I sit here and think, “If only the world could just sit down together and break bread.”

Food.  It is what brings people together.  It is what gives people comfort and joy.  Food can ease tension and bring laughter.  I know, this is a simple way of thinking, but let me ask you, isn’t it the complicated way we see the world that has created so many problems?  Life can be that simple-we make it difficult,we make it complex.

I am not only a Chef, but a teacher as well.  I have responsibilities to provide good food efficiently, cost effectively and bring cohesion to a team made up of individuals who have their own ideas, thoughts and opinions.  Food knows no colour, race, religion, age or sex.  It is food.  This simple thought brings people of different colours, races, religions, ages and sex together.  Let me put it in another way.  What room in the house is the most gathered room?  The kitchen.  It is naturally a meeting place, a place to converse, hang out and enjoy good food with good company.

When we get back to the simplicity of this time and place we call life, I believe we will begin to see change in attitudes, behaviours and maybe, just maybe one day see every as they are…equals.

Good morning!


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