Garlic & How To Remove That Odour

All of us love the smells of the kitchen…the food being handled and prepared as well as being cooked.  But sometimes we have that lingering odour that remains on our hands such as garlic, onion fish and others wonderful smells.  How do we remove that dour without having to scrub our hands for over a half an hour?

Using a stainless steel soap bar will do the trick.  Take the bar, and rub your hands with it under the faucet.  This will remove any unwanted odours quickly.  If you don’t have one, buy one.  They are cheap and can be found just about everywhere these days.  If you can’t find one anywhere, you can use a stainless steel spoon, if you have one.  I found that this is effective, but not as effective as the bar.  There will still be a slight odour remaining…but better than using half a bottle of hand soap to try to remove the odour!

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