Mackinac Grille-St. Ignace, Michigan

It took us a couple of days to decide to come to this restaurant as every day there was a lineup out into the parking lot to get inside.  We figured that we would give it a try, as the reviews we read on this place were decent.

The interior is nice enough, and the serving staff/host were very nice and pleasant.  The menu is a decent size and carries a nice theme for the area.  We decided to order the Whitefish Crab Cakes as we hadn’t had anything like that previously.  The disappointment when it arrived at our table.  It was way over cooked (burnt around the edges) and quite greasy.  If it hadn’t been for these two issues, these would have been tasty!  You just can never get past the taste of burned food.

The babies’ food was quite tasty (as we always tastes the babies food as they deserve good food as well) but my wife ordered the Whitefish dinner and it was a disaster.  Very dry and burnt on the outside.  It was supposed to be with spinach in a cream sauce but it was molded onto the fish, probably due to prolonged cooking in the oven or salamander.

At least our server was entertaining.  He would bring our drinks by carrying them on his head.  The babies loved it!  Because the food was quite a hot mess and it seems overrated, I give this place a…

3/5 stars

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