Mary’s Bistro-Mackinac Island, Michigan

We crossed over to Mackinac Island and decided this is where we would enjoy an afternoon lunch.  The hostess was pleasant and showed us outside to the patio facing the pier.  Our server was quick to greet us and took our order quite quickly.  I noticed that she had quite a few tables but she was always prompt in dealing not only with us, but her other tables as well.

We ordered the hummus appetizer and it was very tasty.  A nice way to start a meal on a great day.  Then my wife ordered the shrimp salad sandwich.  There are no real descriptions on the menu, and my wife can’t eat spicy food.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of cayenne pepper in the mix and it is premixed so my wife had to order something else.  I had the Philly cheese steak and the only thing I can say is that maybe the beef should be marinating in beef jus prior to making the sandwich.  It was a tad dry.  Outside of that, everything else was just fine and we did have an enjoyable time.   I do recommend this place for sure!

4/5 stars

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