The Galley Restaurant-St. Ignace, Michigan

We saw that this place did breakfast, so the next day we made a point of stopping in and giving it a try.  What a great idea it was!

From the moment we were shown to our table, you notice the view out into the harbour.  Breathtaking.  Our server was amazingly quick and always smiling.  After eating in this town a few times previously, we weren’t sure what to expect but if is just breakfast after all, right?  Wrong!  From the coffee (which was delicious!) right down to the steak and eggs that I ordered.  The steak was flavourful and juicy.  Tender as well.  I ordered a side of corned beef hash as I don’t get this back home.  A very nice crispy shell and the moistness inside kept me smiling.  My wife loved her pancakes but the babies couldn’t get enough of the sausage.  We had to order another side of them!

This was one of the best meals by far, that we had while in St. Ignace.  Our serve was lightning quick, always smiling and her tip was so well deserved.

If you happen into this little town, you have to make this place a must for your breakfast.

5/5 stars

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