The Snickers Candy Bar

The creator of the world’s most popular candy bar was named Frank Mars.  Mars’ favorite horse was apparently called Snickers, and he chose to honor his beloved steed by immortalizing its name in the form of a chocolate bar!  The Snickers Candy Bar was invented in 1930.

Side note.  When Snickers was considering its Super Bowl ad options in 2010, Betty White almost didn’t make it. The brand’s agency, BBDO, had actually recommended going with Aretha Franklin, being she was the bigger star.  Mars made the push for Betty White and as they say…History was made!

Peanut power was always at the heart of the brand but Mars wanted to give Snickers a more emotional appeal by taking a “storytelling” approach. The result was the “You are not you when you are hungry” campaign, which portrayed Snickers as “the bar of substance that sorts you out.”

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