The Origin of Nestlé’s

Did you know that the Nestlé’s haven’t owned the company since 1875?

Interestingly enough, the company that got its start as pioneers of the baby food industry shares its name with a family that suffered from a high infant mortality rate. Henri Nestlé, the company’s founder, was likely inspired by his family’s woes to create one of the world’s first-ever baby formulas. Sadly, 7 of his 13 siblings died before reaching adulthood.

Nestlé himself sold the company to his business associates and retired from the industry a mere 7 years after he founded the company. Though the name “Nestlé” has since gone on to be associated with a lot of different products, like Nestlé Crunch bars and Nestlé Quick, the first and last Nestlé to be involved with the company left back when their only product was baby formula.

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