Oceana Grill-NOLA

Since it is National Oyster Day and I am in Nawlins (New Orleans), it is only fitting that I have a go at some Oysters from a local eatery.  Cruising up and down Bourbon Street (actually walking a snails pace), I came across Oceana Grill.  I recall seeing the name on TripAdvisor and it was rated very well.  So I gave it a go.  This was a wonderful surprise!

It’s 9:30 a.m. here in Nawlins and everyone around me is having pancakes or omelets or whatever.  Not me.  I order a cup of java and tell the server that since it is National Oyster Day, I will be ordering off of the lunch menu.  She smiles and replies, “I will be having some Oysters as well, once I finish my shift then.”

After casing the menu for Oysters, I choose the Raw Oysters on the half shell, as any purist would and continue with a duo of Oceana Oysters and Oysters Rockefeller.  She smiles as she walks away and I enjoy my morning coffee.  The raw oysters are up first and let me tell you, the plate looks pretty. Fresh, delicious and mouth watering.  Then my duo comes out.  I was actually surprised that I preferred the Oceana over the Rockefeller.  The day old bread accompanying the oysters, smothered in the sauces was such a great touch.

My server was pleasant and always smiling.  I can assure you that this place is rated well because it deserves it.  The atmosphere is amazing, the food is absolutely delicious and the staff are very friendly and inviting.

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