Pere Antoine-NOLA

This evening we decided to enjoy some good ole nawlins food.  Our journey took us to this quaint little place called Pere Antoine’s.  Its a nice little corner spot that feels like what you’d expect from a restaurant here.  Homey and comfortable with touches that remind you of grandma’s house.  One of the reasons for choosing this dig was that our dear friend has Celiac.  This restaurant provides those options.

Our server was a great guy who was knowledgeable about the menu and made great suggestions for both our friend and us.  A real Nawlins boy born and raised.  He didn’t want us crossing Creole with Cajun because that was like he said, “Putting his Creole grandma and his Cajun grandma in a cage match and letting them at it.”  His humour was so comforting.

We started off with a couple of Oyster Shooters which went down way too easy, so we ordered another round.  I ordered a Manhattan with my meal and they do make them strong here!  The appetizers we ordered were Crab and Craw Fish Cakes and a Trio Platter consisting of Craw Fish Claws, Fried Green Tomatoes and their version of a Mozzarella Stick.  Wow, is all I can say because the flavours were amazing.  The tomatoes could have been cut a touch thinner but in the Big Easy, nothing is really that small…lol!

Entrees.  When in Nawlins, you must have Blackened Catfish.  After all, the Late Chef Paul Prudhomme (Louisiana born and bred and owner of K-Paul’s) brought blackening to the limelight back in the mid 1980’s, and is a staple of Nawlins eats.  So I must have Blackened Catfish with White Etouffee.  My wife enjoyed the Blackened red Drum St. Ann and our friend had the Andouille Sausage with Red Beans and Rice.  Once again, a hit out of the ball park.  After my first bite of the Blackened Catfish, I had to stop and just close my eyes as I savoured that immense heat from the array of seasonings and spices that make up their blackening seasoning.  My only qualm is that they could do something with the vegetables other than steam them.  Not even one little piece of Okra was to be found in my vegetable mix.  Okra is so common here it should be a last name…lol.

You would think that would be all we would need for a meal put back on a Friday evening but no, alas dessert was calling my name.  Our server highly recommended the Bananas Foster Beignet Fries, saying that even previous employees would come back just to have these.  Of course, this was the choice to finish this lavish meal.  This did not disappoint.  The beignet fries held their firmness, their shape with the bananas foster being added, then the powdered sugar.  Pure heaven!

Another hidden gem within the confines of Nawlins.  A place you must truly embrace and will once you’ve tasted their goods.

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