World Food Day



Please, give so that others may have something. I know each and every one of you knows of someone who is or has had little or no food to survive. I know, because I have been there. I have lived on the streets, I have had nothing to eat, and I have had to beg.

Yes, I turned my life around but not everyone has had that opportunity, nor have they been given a second chance. I made the decision in my life to help others because everyday I remember how I felt back then. No one should ever have to go hungry, be hungry or do without.

PLEASE, PLEASE don’t turn away from this challenge I make to you. Offer to buy someone a meal, cook them a meal, or make a doggy bag that to hand out to someone. We are all human beings and deserve to have dignity in our lives. Without that, what have we all become…?

World Food Day-What is it all about? Click here to see…

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