Today in Food History


Also, on this day in 1777 Barbe-Nicole Clicquot was born (died July 29, 1866).  The Grand Dame of Champagne.  At age 27 she took over her husband Francois Clicquot’s champagne house on his death.  Today Veuve Clicquo is one of the great premium champagne houses in France.

In 1884 William H. Fruen of Minneapolis, Minnesota was granted a U.S patent for the first coin-operated, automatic, vending machine to dispense liquids. (U.S. patent #309,219)

In 1980 Harland Sanders died at Shelbyville, Kentucky. Founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken fast food restaurant chain.

In 2004 Country Music singer Willie Nelson opened his own restaurant, the Texas Roadhouse Grill, in Austin, Texas.

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