Wattle Seeds

Wattle seeds are the edible seeds from any of the 120 species of Australian Acacia that were traditionally used as food by Aboriginal Australians, and eaten either green (and cooked) or dried (and milled to a flour) to make a type of bush bread.

Acacia seed flour has recently gained popularity in Australia due to its high nutritional content, hardiness, availability, and low toxicity. Due to its low glycemic index, it is also often incorporated into diabetic foods.

 Vic Cherikoff (a significant pioneer in the Australian native food industry) developed Wattle seed as a flavouring in 1984 from selected species and is now the major commercial product used due to its chocolate, coffee, hazelnut flavour profile.  It is often added to ice cream, granola, chocolate, bread, and widely used by chefs to enhance sauces and dairy desserts.

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