Today in Food History



Also, on this day in 1773 Benjamin Delessert was born (died March 1, 1847).  French industrialist who developed the first successful process to extract sugar from sugar beets.

In 1803 Moses Coates of Downington, Pennsylvania received a patent for a ‘Machine for Paring Apples’

In 1833 Gottlieb Sigismund Kirchhof died. He discovered glucose, developed a method for refining vegetable oil, and experimented with brewing and fermentation.

In 1871 Thomas Adams, of Hudson City, New Jersey, received a patent for a method of producing chewing-gum.

In 1922 The Fleischmann Co. registered ‘Fleischmann’s’ trademark for yeast (first used in 1876).

In 1923 The Velveeta Cheese Company is incorporated in Monroe, New York. Velveeta cheese was packaged using a 1921 invention of a tinfoil lining that could house the cheese inside a wooden box. Its special cooking properties quickly caught on. When melted, it was as smooth as velvet (hence its name), and it would never curdle when heated.  (Acquired by Kraft in 1927).

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