The Cronut

It was bound to happen.  In these days of goat cheese-and-honey ice cream and Bibb lettuce cocktails, palates are primed for the unexpected.  People are obsessed with the new.  And if it happens to be delicious, the world pretty much goes mad.  Hence…the Cronut!

Bearing the looks of a doughnut and the inner workings of a croissant, this confectionery hybrid has become a near-global sensation since its creator, French Pastry Chef Dominique Ansel, debuted it at his New York City pastry shop in May, 2013.  He trademarked the name, by the way.

The Cronut sells for $5.00 and there is usually a 5 hour wait to get inside, just to get your hands on the only 200 Cronuts he makes a day.

People are just crazy!

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