Today in Food History



Also, on this day in 1989 Chefs from Japanese restaurants in New York have finally persuaded the FDA to allow them to import and serve fugu.  The first shipment of Japanese blowfish (tora fugu) arrived today.  The chefs had to attend special classes to protect their customers from poisoning.

In 1992 Bob Wian died (born June 15, 1914).  Founder of the Big Boy restaurant chain in 1936 in Glendale, California. In 1967 he sold the chain to Marriott Corp. for $7 million.

In 2005 Frank Perdue president of Perdue Farms died (born May 9, 1920). He was the son of the company’s founder Arthur Perdue. Perdue is the 3rd largest poultry company in the U.S.

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